Window Installation Tips for Homeowners

Window Installation Greenville, SC

A home window installation provides one of the best returns on investment for a home renovation project. 

Curious about return on investment? Well, according to a 2020 report from Remodeling Magazine, window installation is one of the best values in home remodeling for return on investment. In fact, Greenville, SC residents can expect to recoup up to 74% of their costs in resale value in this hot real estate market. 

Money isn’t the only benefit. A new window installation adds more comfort to your home, with fewer drafts and better insulation. It will help maintain a constant temperature in your house, even if you are standing beside a window. 

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Insulation provides more than comfort. It also puts money in your pocket today. After installing a high quality window, homeowners can expect to save as much as $280 a year on lowered utility bills.

This means that if you stay in your home for just seven more years, you can recover an additional $2,000 in return on your window installation investment. This brings your total return on investment up to 88% – making home window installation top of class for remodeling projects. There is no better value.

You’ll sleep well, not just because your home is holding its temperature and beautified, but also because you’ll have confidence you made a good investment.

Window Replacement Questions

An experienced professional helps you make smart decisions about your home window replacement. Windows are a technical product, and each manufacturer designs are slightly unique. 

Consider the following options when deciding on your window replacement materials: 

Single vs Double Pane Windows

Another consideration is a single pane vs double pane windows. Although we get an occasional interest in a single pane window repair, we advise against it. With double pane windows, there is not just one but two panes of the window, separated either by a fine layer of air or by argon gas.  

A common question people have is are argon gas windows better? One of our competitors goes on and on about how great their argon gas windows are. It’s true that they are better than air-filled windows for insulation, but that isn’t the whole story.

Low-e Glass

What is low-e glass? Low-e glass has a fine coating of film on the window. This film minimizes the infrared and ultraviolet light that comes through your glass, without minimizing the amount of light that enters your home. Low-E glass windows have a thin coating that is transparent and reflects heat.

For customers who want the best, consider argon gas with low-e glass.

Window Thickness

Pressure rating is the key metric for deciding window thickness.

Greenville isn’t on the coast, so we aren’t subject to many high-pressure storms. The strongest wind recorded in Greenville was 79 miles per hour, so window thickness isn’t the most important detail. A standard Dp-15 should withstand these winds without issue.

Areas who sustain high wind conditions are much more focused on a high density pressure window, like Dp-30. Keep in mind that a Dp-15 window will not stop a wind-thrown projectile from breaking through.


Another question concerning your window install is; What spacers do we use? Older windows used metal spacers, which have a tendency to expand and contract as the weather changes. This can cause fogging and condensation on the windowpane.  

Any double pane or triple pane window will require a spacer. The spacer is not the space between the panes of glass but it is the material used to hold the glass in place between the panes. 

They make some spacers of aluminum, some stainless steel, and others of a composite material. Spacers may contain argon gas, which is a benefit if you are not using low-e glass. 

Questions For a Window Replacement Contractor

Choose a contractor who will provide a design consultation. While the technical details matter, one huge benefit of replacing your windows is the increase in curb appeal. Imagine the smile on your face as you pull up to a home you can be proud of. 

A design consultation will ensure that you have access to the latest industry technology and trends, helping you decide on the best window for your home. 

Your window replacement contractor should also talk to you about your budget and manufacturer options. 

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One dirty little secret of the window-selling world are rebates and kickbacks. Many window replacement contractors sign up for deals with manufacturers, making you feel like there are only one or two options. In reality, there are a ton of options for quality windows at a variety of price points.

Reputation and quality installation are key. Installation is as important as the quality of the window itself. Pay to get the job done right the first time. Installation costs are not the place to cut corners or used unlicensed, unsafe, and uninsured contractors. 

Once these details are in place, it’s time to install the windows. Experienced window installers often complete the job in one day.

Expect courteous customer service from your window installers. On completion of the work, crews should clean up every bit of mess. If you have questions about your window installation process, don’t be afraid to ask. 

Choose a reliable window installation contractor for your Greenville, South Carolina home. 

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