The Best Walk-In Tubs in Greenville, SC

Walk-in tub installation in Greenville, SC with independant foot massage

Independent Foot Massage

Want to soak your feet without having to take a full bath? Try our independant foot bath option.

Walk-in tub installation in Greenville, SC with swivel tray

360° Swivel Tray

It’s the details that define a luxury experience. Our patented walk-in tub swivel tray is proof of that.

Dual Drain Technology

Don’t shiver while you wait for the tub to drain. Our drains are wider than industry average – and there are two!

Soft Slide Acrylic Accessibility

Wheelchair transfers are a breeze with our soft slide acrylic technology. The ultimate in walk-in tub comfort.

Walk-in Showers

Low threshold walk in showers stalls are great for any user in need of safer bathing.

An Exclusive Match for Impressive Value

Ella’s Bubbles

Ella’s mission is simple – to offer only the best walk-in bathtubs in terms of safety, design, and therapeutic features, at an exceptional price.

Surface Bella

Surface Bella provides customers with a local touch and the best contractors in the Southeastern United States. Our products and craftsman are hand-picked for quality and service.

Why Ella Walk-In Bathtubs? Quality and Experience.
What are the pro’s and con’s of walk-in tubs?

Like any major purchase, we expect our customers to weigh the decision to install a walk in tub in their Greenville, SC area home carefully. These safety and therapy walk-in tubs have a lot of great features, but do operate a little differently than your typical bathing experience.

Here are some common pro’s and con’s of the acrylic walk-in tub installation in your home:


  • Deeper water. Rather than the standard 14 inches in a regular tub, a walk-in tub installation provides nearly four feet of water for torso immersion. Seats are placed at a comfortable 17 inch height for easy mobility.
  • Safety. Falls are a huge safety concern for those with limited mobility. Walk-in tubs are designed to reduce fall risk.
  • Water therapy. Warm water alone has many health benefits. Combined with the jet features in our walk-in tubs, you may feel better and see fewer symptoms from long-term health conditions.
  • Easy installation. Trying to adapt a bathroom for mobility issues and aging is expensive, time-consuming, and confusing. Because walk-in tubs are built with these concerns in mind, our solutions are a one-stop shop for increased accessibility in your bathing area.
  • Water usage. It’s a common misconception that walk-in tubs use more water than normal tubs. In fact, they use roughly the same amount – around 50 gallons. In fact, a garden tub will use far more water than a walk-in tub option without any of the safety features.


  • Fill and drain. Walk-in tubs distinguishing feature is the side door, allowing easy access. This means you have to be inside the tub while you fill and drain. Ella tubs make this process as fast and pleasant as possible. Our fast-fill times are some of the best in the industry and our dual drain technology is number one in the industry for drain time – meaning you won’t sit and shiver waiting for your tub to drain.
  • Temperature control. Another common criticism of walk-in tubs is the inability to test the water temperature before entering the tub. Scald prevention valves are available in our walk-in tubs, allowing you to sit in comfort as your tub fills.
  • Installation costs. Like any renovation project, converting your bathing area to a walk-in tub is not inexpensive. You won’t find better value, style, and service in the Greenville, SC walk-in tub market than with Surface Bella and an Ella Bubbles.

As you can see, our expert engineering and made-in America level of quality have overcome many of the traditional anxieties associated with walk-in tubs. Not to mention that Surface Bella is a local Greenville, SC company with expert installers. Ella stands behind the tub, Bella stands behind the installation.

What are the reviews on walk-in tubs?

Ella has thousands of satisfied customers throughout the nation! If you are worried about slips and falls in the bathroom or are dealing with health issues that can be improved with hydrotherapy, a walk-in tub is well worth the price.

Ella walk-in tubs are leaders in the industry, with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Additionally, the shell, frame, and door of the tub all come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Multiple editors have picked Ella walk-in spa baths as their overall best pick for acrylic walk-in tubs. This American company specializes in elevating the bathing experience.

Should I get a walk-in tub with jets?

If you are investing in your health and safety, why not go for a little luxury too? After all, you deserve it.

Our walk-in tubs are more like a spa experience than a bathtub, all for the same price (or less) than our major competitors. Many of our customers invest in a walk-in tub not just for the easy walk-in safety features, but also for the therapeutic benefits. The small details we offer lead the industry in form and function.

From cultured marble surrounds to infusion microbubble therapy and heated seats – you have a wide variety of possible configurations. Our walk-in tub home advisor will help you decide on the items that fit your needs and budget.

Does my current bathing set-up matter?

Local Greenville, SC Surface Bella installers and Ella walk in bath manufacturers in Chicago will work together to ensure your bathtub installation is perfect. While your current bathroom setup might affect the installation price, that is why we do in-home consultations and estimates.

Getting started is easy with our no obligation process.

Are walk-in tubs good for therapeutic bathing?

Yes, walk-in bathtubs are perfect for therapeutic bathing. Ella bubbles in particular are ideal for therapy bathing.

There are several massage options including, air massage, hydro-massage, InfusionTM Micro Therapy bubble massage, or a combination of these. Ella baths also have some unique therapy features like aromatherapy, chromotherapy and warming seats.

Not familiar with chromotherapy? It’s the addition of an LED light that cycles through the spectrum of color. Color adds a new dimension to your bath that can create a more calming atmosphere.

Are walk-in tubs safer?

For those with mobility restrictions, a walk-in tub is the safest option. Statistically, your bathroom is the most dangerous room in your home. A quarter of a million people per year visit the emergency room for bathroom injuries.

For maximum safety and accessibility, consider an outward swinging door walk-in tub. This walk-in tub type is great for wheelchair accessibility as well.

What safety features are recommended for walk-in tubs?

Ella walk-in baths have a variety of optional and standard features meant to improve safety and comfort. Everything from anti-scald valves, anti-slip floors and seats, quick release drains, safety bars, wider doors can all help make your bathing experience safer.

Can I get a walk-in tub if I don’t own my home?

With written permission from your landlord, it is possible to install a walk-in tub in a home where you are renting.

How long does it take to install a walk-in tub?

In most cases, walk-in bathtubs can be installed by our Greenville, SC professional bathtub installers in one day.

The Malibu Walk-In Bathtub by Ella’s Bubbles. Surface Bella is the exclusive reseller of Ella’s Bubbles in the Greenville, South Carolina area.

The Exclusive Greenville, SC Installation Partner for
Ella’s Bubbles Walk-in Tubs


Ella’s Bubbles inward swing door walk in tubs are perfect for smaller footprint bathroom configurations. Our high-quality glossy acrylic shells, custom-made brushed stainless steel, and tempered glass deliver quality engineering and style for every home.


Get maximum accessibility with our outward swing door walk in tub. It’s the perfect choice with a variety of options to fit your space. Paired with our premium features and upgrades, you’ll enjoy a safe, therapeutic bathing experience.


The ultimate in luxury – Ella’s Bubbles offers walk in tubs with two seats. Spread out or enjoy as a couple a relaxing bath. A center-placed door offers convenient access and our dual drain technology allows a fast exit.

More about Ella’s Bubbles Dual Drain Technology

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