7 Tips for Choosing a Bathroom Remodel Contractor in Greenville, SC

Americans often spend around $5,500 for a bathroom remodel project. Without a plan and the right contractor, however, it could end up costing much more. By learning how to hire the best bathroom remodel contractor in the area, you can make the most of your project!

Here are the seven tips you need when searching for a contractor. With these tips, you can find an experienced, talented contractor in your area.

Ready to bring your dream bathroom to life? Find the best contractors in Greenville and turn your bathroom into an oasis with these tips!

entryway to new master bathroom by bathroom remodel contractor Surface Bella
By Bathroom Remodel Contractor Surface Bella

1. Look for a Specialist

As you begin your search for a bathroom remodel contractor, take the time to look for a specialist. You might need to check multiple websites before you find someone who suits your needs. A contractor who specializes in bathroom remodels will have the knowledge and tools you need. 

There’s nothing wrong with choosing a general contractor. However, you’ll need to make sure the contractor you choose has the license and insurance documents specific for your project. By choosing a specialist, you can save yourself time, effort, and stress. 

For example, most general contractors lack free design services. An experienced bathroom specialist can bring your design plans to life. They’ll also have the relevant knowledge necessary to make sure your project is cost-effective and efficient.

A contractor who lacks the necessary experience for bathroom projects, however, might miss the mark. 

As you look for a specialist, make sure to ask about their experience. How long have they worked on bathroom remodeling projects? What proof do they have of their experience and expertise?

People learn from hands-on experience. By choosing someone with years of experience under their belt, you’ll have peace of mind. Their years of experience will mean they know how to solve problems and make informed decisions. 

Contractors will learn how to navigate certain situations over time. An experienced contractor will look back on their previous projects and learn from their mistakes. What they’ve learned can make your project better, too. 

2. Choose a Full-Service Expert

As you look for a bathroom remodel contractor, ask about the services they offer. Can they include all of the necessary materials within their quote? A specialist will likely want to provide everything to increase their own profit.

Look for a contractor who distributes bathroom remodeling projects. These contractors likely earn discounts for these products that they can pass onto you. A general contractor, on the other hand, might lack the contacts that could help you save time and money. 

When budgeting your bathroom remodel project, try to limit your project so it costs no more than 5 to 10% than your home’s value. Otherwise, you’re likely overspending. 

Ask the prospective contractor if they can recycle any of the useable materials in your current bathroom. Their creativity can help you save money. At the same time, you’re also benefiting the environment by avoiding unnecessary waste.

Before choosing a contractor, ask them about their services. Learn what they’re capable of. Ask about their bathroom remodeling ideas to test their creativity, too. 

These questions will help you determine if the contractor is capable of bringing your dream bathroom to life. An expert will know how to expand on your idea, too, by suggesting the latest designs and style trends. 

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3. Verify Their Credentials

Don’t choose a contractor without reviewing their credentials. When searching for a qualified professional, make sure they have the proper license and insurance. Are their registrations up-to-date?

Ask the contractor if they’re a member of any organizations, too. Their membership could indicate they prioritize continued education. A contractor who keeps learning will always provide top-notch services. 

4. Interview Them Yourself

Take the time to meet each contractor in person. You might have a difficult time learning about the extent of their capabilities otherwise. 

As you speak with the contractor, make a note of how they communicate. Do the two of you get along together? Do they seem professional?

Don’t forget to make sure they’re available to work on your project. You don’t want to choose a contractor who gets started only to pause on your project halfway through. Instead, make sure to develop realistic expectations regarding their timeframe.

How many projects do they balance at a single time? 

What’s their turnaround like? Sometimes, unexpected problems can pop up that will delay your project. That’s normal.

Discussing the contractor’s expectations regarding your project will help you maintain realistic expectations. 

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5. Review Their Work

Take the time to explore the contractor’s portfolio before requesting a quote. Look at images of their previous clients. Do you see anything that might fit your project, too?

Exploring a contractor’s portfolio will tell you more about their capabilities.

Make sure to look at the projects they’ve worked on recently. Study these projects for style choices and quality. If you’re disappointed in their contractor’s portfolio, continue your search. 

6. Speak With Previous Clients

Before officially choosing a contractor, make sure to check for references and reviews. Can you speak with a previous client? Talking with another homeowner will give you a better understanding of the contractor’s abilities. 

As you speak with previous clients, make sure to ask about the contractor’s professionalism. Did the homeowner experience any problems? How were those problems resolved?

Speaking with another client will help you imagine what it’s like to work with the contractor before you do.

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7. Get Everything in Writing

As you discuss your project with different contractors in Greenville, don’t rely on verbal promises. Instead, make sure to get all estimates in writing. Written estimates will ensure neither side misinterpreted a conversation. 

Once you have a few different quotes from contractors in Greenville, you can compare them side by side with the rest of your notes. 

Make sure to have the estimated schedule written down, too. 

Once you choose a contractor, it’s important to make sure all details (cot, payment, particulars, scheduling) are in writing.

Design the Bathroom of Your Dreams: 7 Tips for Choosing a Bathroom Remodel Contractor 

Ready to discover the bathroom of your dreams? Use these seven tips for finding a bathroom remodel contractor to start your search. With these tips, you can find the best contractors in Greenville easily!

Let’s get started. Contact our team today to begin your bathroom remodel project. 

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