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Because Quality Matters

Spartanburg Homeowners: Do you know us by name or reputation? If you do, you might already have had a project managed by us and attest to our work quality. If not, though, it’s time you met us and learned what we do.

We created Surface Bella because we saw a need to connect Spartanburg homeowners with the best contractors in our region. Our goal has always been to serve as the “middleman” for people wanting to carry out home projects but lacking the expertise or connections to make them happen themselves.

We make those projects happen!

Our Services

When it comes to the appearance of a home, it’s the surfaces that make the big difference. They’re what people notice first about your home, and it’s how you show your pride in where you live.

Bathroom Remodels

Who doesn’t love a brand new bathroom? It catches your eye when you walk in and offers comfort and convenience that will breathe new life into your routines.

  • Shower Stall Replacement: A new shower is pretty exciting! Are you thinking about a glass-door stall? Maybe the color you want for the enclosure?
  • Walk-In Tubs: Walk-in tubs are a luxury for anyone who relishes a soothing bath. Plus, they are a godsend for seniors and those with mobility challenges. That’s why we chose to work with Ella’s Bubbles, a firm offering a variety of walk-in tubs. 
  • Other Features: Do you want a solid surface sink? What kind of floor covering and wall coverings? Have you thought about how to furnish your new bathroom?

Stamped Concrete and Concrete Coating

We’re wondering how your concrete driveway, patio, or walkways are looking these days. Could they use a facelift? If so, we can create something new for you with one or more of the following concrete coating options (that you’ll treasure):

  • Concrete acid staining
  • Stamped concrete
  • Artistic engraving
  • Resurrection staining
  • Concrete overlay
  • Concrete custom designs

Will you miss the concrete we’re redoing for you? We rather doubt it!

Gutter Replacement

We can install gutters and Leaf Sentry™ gutter guards. Doing this might very well save your home’s roof and exterior walls from water damage. Plus, new gutters could do something for curb appeal.

Replacement Window Installation and Repair

Can you imagine life without windows in your home? Without them, we’d have no views of the outdoor to start our days. It’s important to keep windows in good repair and replace them when they wear out, though. Did you know that windows are second only to attic insulation in building and maintaining energy efficiency? Windows need to seal tightly and be gap-free.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Had the team come out to redesign my gutter system. They did a great job and very prompt.”

– Tim P

“They were very professional, demonstrated vast knowledge of the window replacement job, gave the best price, and completed the job timely and professionally. We were very happy with Surface Bella from start to finish, and we would highly recommend them for any remodel job! We will certainly use them again!”

– Cheryl G

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We’re Surface Bella, and we’re proud to offer home remodeling and repair throughout the Spartanburg, SC area. If you’re intrigued by what we’ve said here, we’d love to tell you more. Please reach out to us!