Solid Surface Shower Stalls are the Next Big Thing

Solid surface shower stalls are creating a quiet revolution in bathroom renovations. New man-made materials are coming on the market every day in the construction industry. Craftsman and tradesman are finding creative uses for these high quality materials – and the results are stunning.

Manufactured materials used to carry a stigma. We think of cheap plastic, vinyl, and laminate options from the 1990’s. Now, these products are seen as luxury options.

From luxury vinyl plank flooring to solid surface slabs, these materials are easier to clean, more sustainable, and more economical than traditional materials. They will look better for longer, at a cheaper price tag, and with less harm to the environment.

Solid surface materials were first used for kitchen countertops. They were first introduced in the late 1960’s, manufactured by DuPont under the Corian brand. The material consists of mineral dust (like marble) mixed with a variety of plastic resins and pigments.

These countertops provided the same seamless look as laminate but with a much higher end look. Now, this same material is being used to cover an unlikely surface – shower walls.

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Solid Surface Shower Stall in Greenville, South Carolina

When you think about it – a bathroom wall, floor, tub deck, countertop – these are all hard surfaces that need to be cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis.

The application of solid surface materials for shower stalls provides style flexibility and a ton of color options while looking modern and sleek. No maintenance necessary – in particular, no messy grout.

Incredible Value

The cost of home renovation projects is often prohibitive. Solid surface shower stalls cost less than the cheap plastic stuff. There is no denying they look 10x better.

Keeping your project on-budget is a balance of several factors. Materials is where it starts, but you also need to work with a project manager and contractor who specialize in bathroom renovations.

Customize Your Shower Stall

Solid surface is seamless and cut to size, making it easy to add accent tiles. This flexibility makes it easy to design a custom shower that matches your bathroom dream inspiration.

The versatility of design, style, and craftsmanship of the solid surface bathroom remodel option makes an already attractive price tag look as stunning as your future shower stall.

Bathroom Renovation with Solid Surface Shower

RADIANCE solid surface bathroom renovation options include 21 colors and style combinations giving you nearly endless options. Very classy and less expensive than you would expect

Imagine getting a custom bathroom remodel in your home for less then you would pay to just replace parts and pieces from a big box store.

Benefits of Solid Surface Shower Stall (over other materials)


Before, the only ‘value’ solution was a molded plastic or formica tub surround. The choices, white or beige, aren’t exactly inspiring. Not to mention that poor installation of these ‘fitter’ type products is a disaster for your home.

Solid surface is as easy to care for as plastic, but looks ten times better.

RADIANCE completely shatters expectations. Compared to hard plastics it’s not really even a competition.


Tile and grout is more difficult to clean then RADIANCE, and the grout can discolor and stain. Tile can be very time consuming and expensive to install and it can be hard to find qualified installers.


Quartz, granite, and marble surfaces require sealants and constant vigilance as they can easily and permanently stain. If not sealed regularly, the stone will stain and discolor. Of course, price is a constant concern with natural stone as well as sustainability.

One key benefit is that solid surface bathroom remodels are very easy to clean and maintain. Household cleaners like Windex and Lysol and a squeegee is all it takes.

This is a practical (and not very glamorous) consideration, but for most of us – cleaning the bathroom is a necessary but unpleasant task.

Installing a Solid Surface Shower Stall

There is one last special benefit with solid surface shower stalls – installation typically takes one day. That means you’ll be enjoying your luxury shower (at a value price) in record time.

Solid surface shower stalls are a great option for homeowners looking for value and style. It’s the superior option that is still a hidden gem.

It is critical that you find an authorized dealer who has access to trained skilled workers for your solid surface shower installation. You’ll also need to talk to a design professional and get an estimate on the cost of the project.

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