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High quality shingle roofs that are wind and algae resistant. Our crew of qualified roofers only install Atlas Designer Shingles with 3M Scotchgard.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs stay strong for decades. If your aim is to install a home roofing system that can hang tough for 40 to 70 years, a metal roof may be right for you.

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Roofing Types to Consider

Making choices that involve home roofing systems can be tough. If you’re trying to make decisions that involve residential roofing anywhere in the Spartanburg, Anderson or Greenville areas of South Carolina, then all you have to do is reach out to the team right here at Surface Bella. We’re a full-service local business that concentrates on all sorts of residential renovations. We offer shingle and metal roofing systems to our customers. If you’re trying to explore roofing material options, we can help you easily and confidently do so.

Learn All About Atlas Designer Shingles

Surface Bella can help you learn all about the intricacies of Atlas designer shingles. These shingles are equipped with 3M Scotchgard protectors. They’re one-of-a-kind shingles that can aid people who have qualms that pertain to environmental factors. That’s because they can tolerate the most intense storms. If you’d love to attain a home roof that can hold its own against hail storms and hurricanes galore, then these Atlas shingles may be the thing that transforms your days.

Aggressive winds no longer have to feel like the bane of your existence. That’s due to the fact that these Atlas shingles can defend structures against winds that move as rapidly as 150 miles per hour.

We have rock-solid warranties in place for customers who install roofs that consist of Atlas shingles. We have warranties that begin at a full decade. We have warranties that are good for as long as the rest of your lifetime, too. Our warranty lengths are all based on our specific shingles.

What exactly makes these shingles so irresistible to so many residential customers in South Carolina? Since they’re not susceptible to dark streaks that are associated with the development of algae, they have a lot of visual charm. If you’re keen to secure the installation of a roofing system that can boost the curb appeal of your property, then few things can hold a candle to Atlas designer singles. Since they can enhance the curb appeal of your structure dramatically, they can simultaneously enhance its value. These Atlas shingles enable people to sell their homes a lot more swiftly. They enable them to sell them for markedly higher price tags as well. If you wish to receive more money back on your residential investment, these shingles made by Atlas can do you an enormous favor.

These shingles are known for impressive performance. Few roofing materials can protect structures from aggressive winds that way that these Atlas favorites can. Atlas shingles are remarkably resilient and tough. They’re roofing materials that can remain intact and hard-wearing many rewarding years. If you’re attempting to steer clear of fretting about premature roofing system replacement, then these shingles may give you a feeling of security and ease.

These world-class shingles aren’t just optimal for people who have stress that relates to the weather. That’s because they’re not at all vulnerable to the emergence of algae. If you’re trying to keep the growth of this unsightly substance at bay, Atlas shingles are precisely the thing that you need in your world.

Find Out Everything You Can About Metal Roofs

Surface Bella isn’t just a remodeling company that concentrates on the wonders of Atlas designer shingles. That’s because we also enthusiastically specialize in metal roofing systems. Our roofing contractors install metal roofs of all sizes and varieties for the people who make up our customer base in South Carolina. If you’re contemplating installing a metal roof for your residence, then it can help you greatly to get some insight regarding how they work. There are many things that make metal roofing systems so undeniably attractive to people everywhere. Metal roofs, first of all, are able to stay strong for many decades at a time. If your aim is to install a home roofing system that can hang tough in your life for anywhere in the range of 40 to 70 years total, then metal may be the right material choice for you. Metal roofs generally beat standard asphalt roofs in the lifespan department.

Metal roofs are impressively powerful. They can manage significant wind levels, too. They can in many cases handle wind that moves as rapidly as 140 miles per hour. These roofs aren’t prone to the headaches of cracking or corrosion. They’re in many cases invulnerable to impact, too. Roofing systems that are made out of metal typically do not call for in-depth maintenance sessions. If you have a metal roof, you should simply visually assess it once in a while. Your aim should be to see to it that your roofing system isn’t in need of any kind of professional repair service.

Roofs that consist of metal tend to be extremely safe. If you have worries that pertain to a roofing system catching fire, then metal may calm your mind in a meaningful and lasting fashion. You don’t have to panic about the idea of metal igniting.

There are some roofing materials out there that are particularly energy efficient. Metal definitely is a part of the energy efficient classification. If you don’t want to have to bother with the hassles of solar radiant heat, metal may be the finest roofing material for you. Since solar radiant heat isn’t a problem for metal roofs, they can assist people who wish to lower their cooling bills substantially each month. If you don’t want to have to switch your air conditioning system on a lot, then metal may be your best friend.

Metal roofs are favorites among people who are passionate about sustainability. They’re extremely eco-friendly. They’re composed of substantial amounts of recycled materials. People can recycle these roofs when they no longer have to use them, too. If you worry about waste and about the future of the planet and the environment, then you should think seriously about taking the metal roofing system pathway in your life.

Roofing System Expenses and Much More

It’s usually tough to make any guesses that involve the costs of home roofing systems these days. If you team up with a small business that’s local such as our own, you can revel in dramatically lower roofing system costs. We don’t have to manage as many markups thanks to our local status. Our material costs do not differ at all, either. If you’re searching for first-class professional roofing assistance, then you honestly cannot go wrong with the Surface Bella crew. We can talk to you at length about the finest roofing material choices that are accessible at this moment in time. If you’d like to figure out whether you should zero in on Atlas designer shingles, metal roofing systems or anything else along those lines, we can empower you to make a sensible and balanced decision.

Why Pick Surface Bella?

Surface Bella is a renovation business that prizes five-star customer service. We prize world-class customer satisfaction policies as well. If you’d like to install, replace, fix or maintain a roofing system without having to go into panic mode, we can help you take it easy. Our approach to Greenville roofing is thorough and detail-oriented. Our approach to Spartanburg and Anderson roofing is just as impressive. Our roofers use modern and advanced equipment and tools. They use all of the latest roofing techniques, too. If you’re trying to give your time and money to quality roofers in South Carolina, we’re at your service. Call Surface Bella to secure a complimentary roofing service quote. Our representatives are more than ready to answer your specific queries.

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