Replacement Windows in Greenville, SC

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At Surface Bella, we offer quality replacement windows at a fair price in Greenville, SC.

Window Repair

Broken panels, bad casings, and other damages to your windows – repaired quickly and reasonably.

“From the very first phone call Sean was absolutely professional, friendly, and enthusiastic to work with me!” – Joe L., Taylors, SC

Does it hurt anything to have old windows in my house?

Windows are second only to attic insulation in determining your home’s energy efficiency. Also, old windows can really harm your home’s curb appeal and decrease its value.  Get replacement windows to save on heating and cooling bills and keep critters out of your home.

How can you tell good window quality?

Unless you are an expert in our industry, you probably can’t tell one replacement window from the next. Our experts will show you.

Windows come in four grades, A, B, C, D. Grade A windows being the best, and D being what we refer to as new home contractor grade. At Surface Bella, we only deal with grade A windows.

Some of the factors that go into grade A windows:

1. Construction-is the frame multi-I beam? is it fusion-welded? Is the vinyl regrind or 100% pure virgin vinyl?

2. Functionality-Is the window double hung so both sashes tilt in for easy cleaning? When the glass was formed, was it cooled on a lead float or zinc ion? What type of balance system and how easy are the replacement windows to open?

3. Energy efficiency-Is there weather stripping anywhere vinyl meets vinyl? Is silver nitrate present for a LOW-E coating? Is there argon between the glass, if so, how much? As you can see, there is a lot to consider, let our experts cut through the noise and give you a quote on quality windows at a fair price.

How do I find replacement windows?

wood window replacement greenville sc

To start you will need to choose the type of replacement window for your home.  The two predominant types are wood (pictured above) and vinyl. For some, you just can’t beat a true wood window.

However, these windows can certainly bust a budget, as they are anywhere from 2 to 5 times the price of vinyl! Surface Bella has you covered, we install quality Andersen®  wood windows at a fair price in the Greenville, SC area.

What is the most popular type of replacement window in Greenville, SC?

double hung vinyl window installation greenville sc

The most popular type of replacement window in Greenville, SC is double hung vinyl. When you hear the term double hung know that it is an industry term to indicate that both sashes are operational, put simply, both the top as well as the bottom part (sashes) move.

If only the bottom moved it would be referred to as a single hung. Surface Bella is proud to bring you 100% pure virgin vinyl windows by Wincore in the Greenville, SC area. These windows exceed Energy Star ratings for our region (HINT: that’s really good).

In addition, they carry a lifetime warranty. Every type of window in your home, including those weird triangle shaped ones can be replaced with these quality windows.

Surface Bella is proud to offer double hung vinyl window replacement in Greenville, SC and the surrounding area.

What are casement windows?

casement window installation greenville sc

Casement windows can really enhance a home’s appearance. Therefore, they make for a great home replacement window option for your Greenville, SC home.

Casement windows allow for your window to swing out via a handle, or crank mechanism. Ask us how you can change your picture or double hung window to a casement type.

Surface Bella is proud to offer casement window replacement in Greenville, SC and the surrounding area.

Replacement Windows in Greenville, SC

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