Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas 2021

You should invest in yourself! Create a space that is stress-free and a serene – where you can unwind. Surface Bella has a wonderful design team and expert professionals that can help with your master bathroom remodel ideas. We’ve had our eye on what is on trend for 2021 and we’ve put them together with our best ideas for you.

Your master bathroom should reflect your style and personality. Your master bathroom is one of the most private places in all of your home. Likely, it’s only used by you and your partner. Your private sanctuary.

If your master bathroom doesn’t feel like a sanctuary, you are in the right place. It’s time for a renovation.

If you are considering a master bath remodel you should research the current design trends. This will help increase the value of your home and make sure you design a bathroom of your dreams.

Here are some of the top master bathroom remodel ideas of 2020:

Master Bathroom Remodel Idea 1:
Glass Shower Doors

The traditional shower rods and shower curtains are completely out of style. If you are going through a master bathroom remodel, consider glass shower doors.

See-through or clear glass are most common because it helps the entire bathroom appear larger. For this reason, opaque glass doors have fallen out of style.

master bathroom remodel example with glass doors
Photo by Curology on Unsplash

A great bonus to clear shower doors is that it showcases the amazing design touches in your shower. More on that later!

Idea 2: Wood Accents

Another popular design feature today is using wood accent pieces in small areas of your bathroom. You have to be careful with this design feature. Wood doesn’t handle moisture well over time, so make sure to pick pieces that are treated for use in high-moisture areas.

beautiful master bathroom with wood cabinets
Photo by fran hogan on Unsplash

Find simple ways to add wood as an accent in your master bathroom remodel. For instance, a wood vanity or a few shelves add a touch of serenity to the space. Accompany these accents with flowers for another touch of nature.

Wood toilet paper roll holder, bathroom remodel trend idea for bringing wood accent into bathroom
Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

Idea 3: Consistent Materials

One of the hottest trends in a master bath remodel today is the use of consistent materials throughout the entire room. Many of the hottest celebrities and designers are opting for this trend. That means the same materials in all areas of their bathroom from the floors, to showers, to vanities. We recommend choosing a light, calming color.

This consistent use of materials can make the room appear larger and can increase the flow of the room. If you are able to find a texture and style that you love, run with it! Laying the material in different patterns or using different colors of the same material is another way to use this trend.

Example of master bathroom remodel that used the same marble on the walls, floor, and countertop.
Photo by Lina Verovaya on Unsplash

Idea 4: Use Mirrors

Another way to upgrade your bathroom is to use mirrors to highlight the space. This affordable design style can help your bathroom look much larger. You can pick out interesting mirrors that add a touch of creativity to the space, or, you can cover an entire wall with a mirror.

If you have a modern design in your bathroom you may want to use sleek and sharp edged mirrors. Using a variety of square and rectangular mirrors in various areas can give your bathroom a completely different feel.

If you choose to use a farmhouse or rustic upgrades to your bathroom you may want to use circular mirrors to match your theme. This upgrade is a personal preference that you can decide over time.

bright beautiful bathroom with cool organic shape mirror accent
Photo by House Method

Idea 5: Technology

If you want to bring your master bathroom remodel into the new century, look no further than to add a few touches of technology. This damp space might seem like a strange place to go high-tech, but there are some really convenient and stylish options available.

Some of the most trending technology features that you can include in your bathroom include heated floors, heated toilet seats, dimmable lights, touchless faucets, automatic showers, and more. These features may cost a little more but the investment add a touch of luxury.

Idea 6: Solid Surface Showers

Upgrading your shower should be an essential piece of any master bathroom remodel. There are various types of shower walls you can choose from, but the highest quality and best designed shower surface are the solid surface showers. These solid surfaces are similar to granite or quartz countertops because it is a solid surface that you design your shower walls out of.

solid surface shower
Textured wall solid surface bathroom renovation, Greenville, SC

Idea 7: Texture

There are many ways that you can add texture to your bathroom. Texture helps break up the space, giving your eyes something else to look at. Some examples of adding texture to your bathroom may include adding mosaic tiles, shelving, mirrors, and wall art.

These things should all match the overall design theme of your bathroom. They can be used sparingly around the room so that they do not draw too much attention from the main features of the bathroom.

Idea 8: Mosaic Tile Accents

One of the best ways to add design and style features to your master bathroom is to add mosaic tile accents. These tile accents are a great way to add small design touches without going overboard.

You can add these tile accents to soap dishes, vanity backsplashes, and shower insets.

Photo of woman enjoying her master bathroom remodel
Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels

There is a lot to take into consideration when you are taking on a master bathroom remodel. First and foremost, you should take your personal style and needs into consideration.

It’s worth noting that upgrading this room in your home can significantly increase the value of your home. It may even help your home sell faster when you go to list it on the market.

Unique and modern design features will help create an irresistible master bathroom. Protect your investment – and your sanity – with a beautiful, peaceful space that is 100% you.