Hydrotherapy Tub or Shower: Which One is Best?

What is a hydrotherapy tub or shower?

If you’ve never heard of a hydrotherapy tub or shower before, it basically is a shower or tub insert that someone can easily walk into and it had multiple different hydrotherapy tools within it. Hydrotherapy focuses on treating body illness or injuries through the use of water such as water jets. These showers are mostly used to relieve discomfort, massage different parts of your body, and promote overall physical well-being.

Hydrotherapy showers look like a typical shower – you simply walk in and all your hydrotherapy tools are around the walls. You can pick and choose which tools to use, and each tool treats a different ache or pain in your body. A hydrotherapy tub on the other hand looks a little different. These kinds of tubs are usually much taller than a regular bathtub, and they include a door that you open and walk through to get into the tub. A hydrotherapy tub has multiple different jets all over the tub that impact different parts of your body.

Both a hydrotherapy tub and shower act is a holistic approach to health and wellness. The tricky thing with these kinds of units is the installation. But don’t worry – Surface Bella is always here to help! When it comes to hydrotherapy tubs and showers, we can handle it all! If you’re looking to get a hydrotherapy tub or shower installed, but you aren’t sure which one would be best for you, make sure to keep reading!

Which one is best for me?

When it comes to choosing between a hydrotherapy tub and shower, it comes down to your current situation and what issues you are dealing with. There are benefits to both options, but the choice really depends on the person’s mobility, strength, and preferences.

You should choose a Hydrotherapy shower if:

  • You want a low step into the shower
  • You don’t have trouble standing, but you deal with tight muscles
  • Better for athletes and younger people who don’t have trouble standing
  • You want multiple showerhead options
  • You are using it primarily to treat muscles and alleviate pain
  • You want a regular shower, with the add-on features

You should choose a Hydrotherapy tub if:

  • You experience lower body weakness
  • Typically a better option for older people who can’t stand for long periods of time
  • You are at risk of falling while taking a standing shower
  • You have a vitamin d deficiency
  • You have trouble with talking and balance
  • You take medication that causes dizziness or weakness
  • You have problems with vision
  • You deal with a lot of foot, leg, hip, or knee problems
  • You just had surgery and can’t stand on your legs

There is no right answer when it comes to which is better for you, but there are different benefits to both. Either way, Surface Bella is here to help whenever you make your decision! We offer a wide variety of services including hydrotherapy tub or shower installation. To request a quote or schedule an appointment with us, give us a call today!

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