Get Home Energy Monitoring

CURB, installed locally by Surface Bella, is an energy monitoring system for your home, letting you take control of the energy you use. It plugs directly into your breaker panel, giving you real-time data insights.

With a CURB energy monitor, you can:

  • Make smart decisions about your homes energy use.
  • Get ahead of potential problems with various appliances or systems in your home.
  • See the impact of your energy use on your wallet, in real time!
Energy Monitoring by CURB

What is CURB?

CURB is able to complete energy monitoring in your home by tapping directly into your homes nervous system. Our hardware sensors connect to your breaker box – the central hub that routes electricity to home appliances and devices. Once installed, the sensor monitors usage and communicates with CURB’s software – giving you a real-time pulse on your energy use.

Energy Control for Your Connected Life

Energy Monitoring by CURB installed in a real customers home!
Do I have to pay a subscription fee?

No. Access to CURB’s dashboard and your personal energy usage information is a free, cloud-based service. You can even get real-time notifications.

With proper settings, our mobile app will push notifications to your mobile and wearable devices. Content includes tips to save more, alerts when you are going over budget, and notifications if something is left running. example of real time energy monitoring notifications

Does CURB work with solar?

Yes! CURB monitors any power going on in your home, including your solar energy system. In fact, CURB leads the industry in real time solar monitoring with faster information and a smaller investment.

Will it monitor my electric car?

CURB is the perfect companion for your electric car. You’ll never need to guess if your car is being charged and exactly how much that charge is costing you. You can even generate expense reports! home energy use for electric cars