Deck Builders in Greenville, SC

A Solid Foundation

A quality deck starts underground! We provide the strongest, best structured foundations possible to ensure your deck lasts a lifetime.

Highest Quality

From our fasteners to our lumber, we only use the top quality construction materials and processes.

Lights Up

Top posts are installed with copper solar lights for your safety and style at night. Our standards are everyone else’s upsell.

I was extremely impressed with the professionalism of this company. They are obviously very experienced and are thoughtful and careful.

What makes your foundation process different?

Most homeowners don’t think about the foundation of their deck. They are more concerned with the look and style. That’s understandable, but our job is to provide a top-notch deck that will last for years to come with proper maintenance. That’s why we start with 160 lbs of concrete.

Industry standard is 4×4 posts – we use 6×6 posts which we bury a full 2 ft deep. To protect the posts from moisture, we set them on a formed concrete platform and then embed them in concrete.

Once the base is poured and the posts are set, we construct the frame using 2×10 joists (“normal” is 2×8) set every 12-inches. Most companies set every 18 inches to cut costs.

Long story short, we are going to build your deck to withstand the best party you can throw and-then-some.

What do you use to fasten the boards?

Have you ever stubbed your toe on a loose deck board or a nail that has popped up? Preventing that is easy – if you use specially coated screws designed for outdoor use.

Most deck companies use the faster and cheaper nail option to fasten their boards. We don’t believe in cutting that corner. First, as we mentioned, it becomes a safety issue over time. Second, it cuts down on the lifespan of the deck.

In fact, we go one step further by using tornado fasteners for an EXTRA sturdy deck build. You won’t find that anywhere else in the Greenville, SC market.

Some might call it overkill. We call it quality.

Custom Deck built by Decking Contractors in Greenville SC

Deck Builders in Greenville, SC