The Best Types of Custom Windows You Can Get For Your Home

Looking to bring a bit of pizazz to your home? If so, you might consider installing custom windows. You can get custom windows in a variety of styles and materials, all of which can provide a new element to your home. 

Wondering what’s available out there? Then read on. Here are the best types of customized windows you can get for your home. 

A Variety of Window Materials

Windows come in a variety of materials, each of which has something different to offer in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The most popular of these materials include: 


Wood windows are classic. In use for hundreds of years, they can offer everything from a rustic aesthetic to a luxurious aesthetic and more. It’s all in the way that you paint or stain them. 

Functionality-wise, they’re high-maintenance but durable, capable of lasting for up to 30 years. They also provide terrific insulation, thus keeping down your cooling and heating costs. 


Vinyl windows are the most popular residential windows in existence. Though they’re most lauded for their low cost, they also provide a great deal in terms of looks and functionality. 

You can find vinyl windows in all types of colors, from bright reds to neutral grays and otherwise. Note, though, that they do carry a bit of a “plastic” feel. 

Most vinyl windows thrive for around 40 years, and with little maintenance to boot. If you’re looking for a cheap, set-it-and-forget-it window material, vinyl is right for you. 


If it’s durability you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with fiberglass. This material needs almost no maintenance and can thrive for up to 80 years. It’s available in all sorts of colors and styles. 

The tradeoff, of course, is that fiberglass windows are expensive. But considering their lifespan, it’s money well spent. 

All Types of Window Styles

You can find windows in all types of styles, allowing you to furnish rooms with a number of different design elements. Some of the most popular window styles include the following. 

Single-hung Windows 

Single-hung windows are your basic, run-of-the-mill windows. They’re taller than they are wide and open in an up-down fashion. Equipped with a single sash, they allow for good ventilation, visibility, and sunlight capabilities. 

It’s common to place single-hung windows in rooms of all kinds. However, they’re most commonly found in bedrooms. 

Double-hung Windows

Double-hung windows are essentially the same as single-hung windows, with the one difference being the number of moveable sashes they have. Double-hung windows have two sashes as opposed to one. 

This allows for increased ventilation, and also makes the window a little easier to clean. Because you can open both sashes at once, you can easily reach the exterior side of the window from the interior of the house. 

Casement Windows 

Like hung windows, casement windows are taller than they are wide. However, whereas hung windows open in an up-down fashion, casement windows open in an in-out fashion. They do this with the use of a lever; just twist the lever in a circle to either open or close the window. 

Casement windows offer good ventilation capabilities in addition to above-average visibility and sunlight capabilities. They can be used in rooms of all kinds, though are most commonly found in living rooms and kitchens. 

Awning Windows

Awning windows are fairly unique in that when they’re opened, they possess the look of — what else? — an awning. This is to say that they swivel from their top pane, creating an approximately 45-degree angle. 

These windows are nice in that they can be opened while it’s raining. The rain won’t enter the home but will instead bounce off of the opened window and slide down to the ground below. 

Awning windows are wider than they are tall and are commonly found in all types of rooms. If you’re looking to bring a unique aesthetic to your home, installing awning windows could be just the thing you need. 

Bay Windows

If you’re looking for a centerpiece window to put in the middle of a living room or dining room, you should consider a bay window. Bay windows consist of three panes, each of which is angled against the next. The window itself extends past the exterior of the house, with the middle pane being parallel to the home’s exterior. 

The windows allow in tons of sunlight, and can also be opened to allow for substantial ventilation. They offer terrific visibility as well. 

Bow Windows

Bow windows are like bay windows but with 4 to 6 panes as opposed to 3. Like bay windows, they extend out past the exteriors of their respective homes and are generally used in living and dining rooms. 

However, because they’re bigger and because they possess more panes, they allow for even more ventilation and even more sunlight. If you’re looking to bring some atmosphere to a room, installing a bay window can help you to do so. 

Picture Windows

Picture windows are windows that don’t open. They’re just mounted to walls in the same way that pictures are. This makes them most appropriate for rooms that are at great heights, as they pose no fall risk. 

Garden Windows

One of the most unique windows is the garden window. This is essentially a window box that protrudes out past the exterior of a home. Its purpose is to allow indoor plants to obtain ample natural sunlight, but it also serves as a unique design element in and of itself. 

IF you’re looking for a way to bring a new dimension to your home, installing a garden window would be a great choice. 

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