Custom Concrete Coating Designs in Greenville, SC

Concrete coating is a general term used for an umbrella of services. Take an unsightly or boring concrete pad – either indoor or outdoor – and make it your own. Beautiful designs to match your unique style.

Concrete Coating Styles

Artistic Engraving

Breathe new life into your existing concrete with concrete artistic engraving.

Concrete Acid Staining

Stain ugly, old concrete with our acid staining solution!

Resurrection Staining

Interior or exterior concrete staining that is environmentally friendly.

Stamped Concrete

Texture or imprinted concrete solution that replicates stones, brick, or wood for a fraction of the cost.

Concrete Overlay

Repair or decorate existing concrete slabs with a concrete overlay in Greenville, SC.

Custom Concrete Designs

From complex and ornate to simple and neat – our Greenville, SC concrete design specialists deliver.

What is artistic concrete engraving?

Concrete engraving remodels existing cured concrete by cutting patterns and textures into the surface. Custom artistic designs are available or we can use patterns to simulate materials like brick, pavers, stone, or tile.

If you have a graphic element like a tiger paw or other logo you want engraved in your existing concrete surface, we can do that!

Can you acid stain old concrete?

Yes! Acid staining is a chemical process that mimics regular concrete stains, but allows you stain old concrete.

Choose your unique shade of concrete that will never fade or wash away, because the color penetrates the surface and reacts with the concrete itself!

Is concrete resurrection staining environmentally friendly?

Our concrete resurrection staining process is the perfect indoor or outdoor solution due to its environmentally friendly nature. Our Greenville, SC area concrete design contractors know that sometimes you want jaw-droppingly beautiful floors without harsh chemicals.

Is stamped concrete expensive?

The cost of a stamped concrete project will vary widely based on the area of coverage, the design chosen, and various other factors. Stamped concrete is usually less expensive than the materials it often seeks to replicate, like flagstone, pavers, or tile.

Often called textured or imprinted concrete, our expert stamped concrete contractors in Greenville, SC can create a high-end look at a fraction of the cost.

Do concrete overlays last?

Concrete overlays can be hair thin up to 3/4″ thick, depending on the finish you’re after. While not as durable as the slab underneath them, a concrete overlay will last longer with expert installation.

Our Greenville, SC concrete overlay experts provide top of the line design and quality. A good seal at the end of the project will go a long way to protecting your new finish.

What kind of concrete designs are possible?

You would be amazed at what our quality Greenville, SC concrete contractors can do! We don’t want to limit your imagination, but our team delivers decorative pathways, driveways, steps, patios, and floors, and much more.

Go ahead and ask, we love a challenge!

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