7 Common Window Installation Mistakes to Avoid for in Spartanburg, SC

Did you just make the decision to upgrade your windows in Spartanburg, SC? Great! Despite having an average lifespan of 20 years, sometimes up to 40, depending on the material you choose, it gets to a point where windows need to be replaced.

After you’ve picked the best types of windows for your home, it’s time to do the installation. Now, the best thing you could do to avoid window installation mistakes is to hire window replacement experts. You may have the best windows in the market with all the additional upgrades you were looking for, but unless they are installed and sealed properly, you’re still going to experience problems.

In this post, we’ll be looking at seven of the most common window installation mistakes you should avoid to get the best out of your new replacement windows.

1. Incorrect Measurements

The most common window installation mistake is making the wrong measurements. It may come as a surprise, but a lot of people install windows that don’t fit into the window opening. You see, most homeowners make the mistake of assuming that any standard sized windows will fit into any opening, and hence they proceed to purchase whatever they find appealing without taking measurements into consideration.

When the time comes to install, it becomes tricky to get them to fit, and usually, it ends up in a mess and poorly installed windows. There are many factors you need to consider when it comes to different window sizes, especially in an old home because the standard size has changed since the first installation. Consider dry rot because it may create large holes that require filling in the opening.

Window Installation Mistakes start with measurement - illustration of a tape measure
Window Installation Mistakes

2. Failing to Create a Backslope

What’s even a backslope? If you have no idea, then you should undoubtedly leave the installation to window experts. You see, windowsills must be installed in a way that they can withstand the outdoor elements, and a backslope is a necessary addition to the windowsill design.

Beyond that, you need to incorporate a back dam to avoid water or unwanted moisture from getting into your home. Even when installing replacement windows, it’s vital to check for moisture diversion. This calls for window installation professionals because moisture is a major issue that you must avoid at all costs.

3. Poor Flashing Adherence

During the window installation process, you need to understand that even the littlest details can make a big difference. Significant problems can arise from seemingly small issues such as poor flashing tape adherence. Flashing tape and membrane are installed over weather-resistant barriers in the window openings, and during this process, you need to wipe away all moisture, debris, and dust to create a tight and firm seal.

Additionally, you must choose the right flashing tape for your kind of environment and climate. Some flashing tapes will not adhere well if you live in colder climates or humid temperatures. This is one of the most common window installation mistakes DIYers make when they avoid professional installation services.

Professional experts will understand your weather conditions and use the right window installation tools and materials to ensure that your windows are secured tightly in place.

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4. Using Spray Foam to Correct Gaps

During DIY installation, most people damage windows when they choose to use spray foam. While spray foam is often used to seal windows in place, you need to ensure it’s the right type. Understand that it can be a difficult product to work with because it could create a mess on untreated or unfinished wood. This is to say that spray foam should not be your fallback to rectify your window installation mistakes.

5. Incomplete or Messy Caulking

Caulking is the last thing you’ll deal with during the window installation process. Caulking is used on the outer perimeter of the windows, and it serves as a barrier of protection between the outdoors and indoors of your home. You need to be careful with caulking because even when you apply it evenly around the window.

You may leave gaps or holes, especially when it dries around siding or stucco. Given that caulking will take weeks to dry and settle fully, it’s advisable to revisit a month after installation. Ensure the seal is not only continuous but even as well.

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6. Leaving Stains on the Glass

If you’re not careful during installation, you’re likely to leave smudges and stains after using vaulting, glues, and cleaning agents. You should be careful not to damage your glass during the process and inspect for stains and smudges once you’re done. Even when you hire an installer, it’s essential for you to check for these and bring it to their attention so they can rectify any issue before they leave. 

7. Inadequate Cleanup

If this is your first time doing this project, you may not know how much of a mess window installation can leave. A professional installer will advise you to cover your furniture and other belongings close to the windows. You need to understand that a considerable amount of dirt and debris will be left behind. Ensure you don’t damage your belongings with the glues, caulking, and other window installation materials.

Beyond that, get ready for a cleanup process, and if you don’t want to have to deal with such a mess, hiring window installation experts is the way to go. A professional company will take care of your home and belongings, then clean up after their mess and leave your home looking spotless.

Window Installation Mistakes to Avoid

There you have it! If you’re considering window replacement in Spartanburg SC, you need to keep these window installation mistakes in mind. A lot of them can damage your new windows, and in the end, you may still have to hire a professional to rectify these issues.

For professional window installation, kindly get in touch with us for a free quote. We’ll help you avoid all the trouble and mistakes that come with window installation. For more information about replacement windows, please check out our blog section, where we have all the information you need.

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