How to Find the Best Walk-In Tub for Your Bathroom

Did you know that one of the most dangerous activities to do in your home is stepping out of the bathtub? 

The most hazardous activity for any age is getting in and out of a bathtub. Every year, 235,000 people over the age of fifteen are injured while getting out of their bathtubs. 

Are you remodeling a bathroom and looking for a walk-in bathtub in Greenville, SC? Keep reading to learn more about how to find the best walk-in tub.

Best Walk-In Tub

Different Types of Walk-In Tubs

When choosing a walk-in tub, it is important to know the different types on the market to buy. 

The most basic type is the soaker tub. If you don’t want a fancy walk-in tub with loads of features, then the soaker tub is one to consider. 

If you are into the fancier types of walk-in bathtubs, then consider therapeutic bathtubs.

There are many massage walk-in tub options to choose from, such as air massage, hydro-massage, Infusion Micro Therapy bubble massage, or you could get a combination. 

There are also aromatherapy tubs that can bring the perfect amount of therapeutic bathing. Aromatherapy tubs mix essential oils in the water, which will give the bath a relaxing scent without you having to buy scent products. 

One fun type of walk-in bathtubs is chromotherapy tubs. Chromotherapy uses LED lights that cycle through a spectrum of colors. These colors will add another dimension to your bathing experience and create a calming atmosphere. 

Walk-In Bathtub Features to Consider

The best walk-in tub options will have amazing features to help you decide whether to buy one while remodeling a bathroom. 

While searching, you should consider tubs that have a faster draining system.

When using a walk-in bathtub, you have to sit and wait for the water to go down before exiting. A faster draining system will help make your walk-in bathtub experience better.

Some tubs even have dual drain technology, so you don’t have to be cold, wet, and shivering as you wait to exit your walk-in bathtub. 

A wonderful feature that you should consider while choosing a walk-in tub is the accessibility of getting in and out of the tub.

Having a wheelchair-accessible tub that is easy to slide in and out of can bring the ultimate comfort to your walk-in tub experience.  

An independent foot massage could be the perfect feature to add to your walk-in bathtub. With the foot massage, you can soak your feet without having to take a full bath. 

Some walk-in bathtubs have swivel trays that you can turn in a full circle. This detail can bring you a luxury experience as you use your new bathtub. 

Where to Find the Best Walk-In Tub

There are many wonderful options to consider when choosing the best walk-in tub. Whether it is deciding on the tub type or what extra features you want to add to your tub, it can be done by the right company. 

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