7 Signs You Need a Bathroom Renovation

On average, you can expect to spend anywhere between $6,500 up to almost $70,000 on a bathroom renovation. The price is largely dependent on how large the space is, what fixtures and amenities you want, and labor.

There are huge benefits to getting your bathroom remodeled and many reasons why you might need one. If your bathroom makes you feel dissatisfied, it may be time for a change. Renovations can range from small upgrades to a complete overhaul.

If you’re looking for bathroom renovation ideas, search no further. In this article, we’ll cover seven tell-tale signs you need to update your bathroom.

1. Increase the Value of Your Home

Are you hoping to sell your home in the near future? If so, you’re in luck. It’s a seller’s market right now, with most managing to sell their home in as little as 3 weeks for 99% of the listing price.

Bathrooms are a major selling point when buyers are looking at a home. If your bathroom is too small or looks outdated, a remodel can get you a 57% ROI and make the home more desirable. The changes you decide to make can be as simple as replacing the sink or as large as rearranging the entire set-up.

What you decide to do will really depend upon what your bathroom renovation budget is. Many renovators offer financing options.

2. Issues With Plumbing

Have you noticed the faucet dripping water even when it’s shut off tight? Is there a constant smell of mildew?

When the plumbing starts to experience problems, then it’s definitely time for a bathroom remodel. This can help you to avoid electrical or flooding problems. A pipe leaking within the wall or floor can lead to massive deterioration and mold problems. Another benefit is that by fixing the plumbing, you’ll see lower water bills fast.

3. Poor Lighting

The best bathroom lighting will illuminate the area well enough that you can see, but not so bright that it leaves you squinting.

If you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom, then don’t forget the lights. You can update the lighting by replacing the fixture itself or even moving the placement of where the light is.

Maybe you need lights above the mirror so that you can see yourself better. Maybe the overhead central light in the ceiling needs to be brighter so that you can see better in the shower. Whatever the case, there are many different options at your disposal when it comes to upgrading the lighting.

4. Need More Storage Space

If you struggle to find room to store your towels or hygienic amenities, then adding storage space can help with this. This can help a small bathroom appear more spacious when you make proper use of storage areas.

Stop buying cheap storage caddies and instead look for ways to maximize your bathroom’s space. Oftentimes a well-placed shelving space that’s inset in the wall can help open up the space and provide extra storage.

5. Outdated Look

Does your home have a bathroom that looks like a nightmare from the 70s? It could be time you upgrade your bathroom to a more modern, sleek look. You’d be surprised how just changing the decor of the bathroom can make it feel brand new.

When you start to look into different ways to approach your bathroom makeover, start with colors first. The colors you choose to use in the bathroom will affect what decorations you choose, as well as if you want a theme. For example, if you’re wanting an ocean theme, then blue will probably be one of your primary colors.

Don’t rush into your color choice. If you can’t decide on one, go with muted or neutral tones.

The next part of updating your bathroom’s appearance should be the tile. If your current tile looks old-fashioned or is cracked, then you’ll likely want to replace it. There are a wide variety of textures and patterns to choose from in tile now.

Just be sure that your tile and your colors both match!

6. Dysfunctional Layout

When you have a bathroom that was poorly laid out, it can be inconvenient and frustrating. Maybe you have a bathtub that’s set out in the middle of the room, or the bathroom and sink are placed to close together and you can barely squeeze between them. Whatever the case, it’s time you remodeled the layout.

The features you use the most often should be in easy-to-reach spots. Also, you should try to keep all the features placed against the walls to keep the space open and easy to navigate.

A great layout can make a small bathroom look spacious. A bad floorplan can do the opposite, making a bathroom feel even smaller and cramped than it really is.

Keep in mind that if you have to move the plumbing around, you’ll need a permit. If you don’t get a permit to do your remodel, you’ll sometimes find yourself being unable to include the updates on the title and increase your property’s value. 

7. Your Needs Have Grown

Do you find yourself struggling through your morning routine in your bathroom? Do you and your spouse constantly bump into each other? If you notice that the bathroom is too cramped, then a bathroom remodel could help.

One option that many people select is increasing the width of the sink. You can turn your single faucet into a double faucet with a wider mirror. That can give you more counter space to put on makeup or shave, as well as allow two people to get ready in front of the mirror at the same time.

Get a Bathroom Renovation You’ll Be Happy With

If you’re unhappy with your current bathroom for any reason, then it’s time you considered updating it. A bathroom renovation can help to maximize the floor space and improve your time spent in there. Remodeling can transform an outdated, small bathroom into a spacious area with new fixtures.

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