3 Landscape Lighting Design Considerations Before You Start

Are you looking to add major curb appeal to your home without changing its entire look? Add some landscape lighting! You’d be surprised by how much value and curb appeal adding a couple of lights to the front and back yards of your home can add.

Whether you add in some accent lights to show off the beautiful trees in your front yard, or you line your garden beds and retaining walls with lighting in the backyard, you can add so much value to your home with simple lighting solutions.

it comes to designing your landscape lighting, there are always some things you want to consider before starting.

landscape lighting example

Lighting type

The most important thing to consider when designing your landscape lighting is what kind of lighting you want to go with. There are so many different options to choose from, and here are some of the common types of lighting people go for:

  • In-ground: these kinds of lights are stuck right into your ground, and are a great option for lighting up pathways, driveways, and patios.
  • Accent lights: Show off trees, your front door, or any other features of your home with accent lighting. Easily stick them in the ground, and show off your stunning front door.
  • Water accents: If you have some sort of water feature in your yard, why not show it off with some lighting?
  • Path & spread: Add some lighting to your garden beds or your entryway with this kind of lighting that is designed to add decorative fixtures while providing light.
  • Hardscape: Ideal for spaces like retaining walls, columns, fencing, steps, outdoor patios, etc.
yard lighting example


Now that you know the different type of lighting types you want to use, you can design the layout of your landscape lighting. You’ll want to look at the different elements of your yard and figure out which ones you want to light up. Whether you have a grand entrance and you want to put a spotlight on it, or you have some retaining walls in your backyard that you want to line with in-ground lights, this is where you will make all those decisions.

There are so many different options when it comes to designing the layout of your landscape lighting that it can be overwhelming. Let the experts at Surface Bella help! We are a remodeling contractor based in Greenville, SC, and we want to help you turn your backyard into your dream yard!


When it comes to adding some new lighting to your yard, you always have to consider the electrical status. If you can’t run electricity to your yard, how is your lighting going to work? You can always choose the solar lighting route, but there are ways around this issue. By choosing Surface Bella, we will do all the dirty work for you – we’ll figure out how to run electricity to your new outdoor lighting, and we will make sure it gets done properly!