16 Reasons to Install an Ella’s Bubbles Walk-In Bathtub

number one: man holds door open for woman into walk-in bathtub
walk-in bathtubs help prevent falls

Walk-In Bathtub Help Prevent Falls

 One of the best reasons to purchase a walk-in bathtub is because of how much safer they are. 250,000 people a year go to emergency rooms from accidents in bathrooms, many of those involving falls. In addition, 80% of household accidents occur in bathrooms! I’m sure we have all experienced that close call in a slippery shower.

Ella’s Bubbles walk-in bathtubs are much safer to use then an upright shower and they offer anti-slip seats and floors!

None of us enjoy reflecting on possible injuries or getting older, but planning ahead is always valuable, if we are 74 or 47. None of us can afford a bad fall. Anything we can do to minimize that risk is worth investing in. And that investment only gets more valuable as we get older.

number two: man and woman sit in walk-in bathtub enjoying a foot soak
Walk-in bathtubs increase access for anyone with limited mobility

Walk-in Bathtub Increases Access for
Anyone with Limited Mobility

 Whether we are looking at walk-in tubs for our parents, for ourselves now, or planning ahead, as these pictures show, getting in and out of these beautiful tubs is a breeze! And if anyone we know requires a wheelchair, Ella’s tubs are so easy to maneuver, they provide a great deal of additional self-sufficiency and can even help facilitate independent living.

A walk-in tub is convenient and extremely enjoyable now, and the safety aspects are important for all of us, but especially our family and friends with mobility restrictions. And textured anti-slip floors are included.

 Ella’s Walk-In Bathtubs have many customizable options designed to fit your mobility needs and your specific room size.

A few of our favorites are: 

  • Low step in height
  • Customizable Swing Out or Swing in Doors
  • Soft Slide Acrylic Accessibility/ Wheelchair Access Technology
  • Optional Safety Bars
  • Optional Wider Doors 

Innovative Safety Features

In addition to all of the valuable accessibility and slip protection options we just mentioned, Ella’s Bubbles is proud to offer many other safety features:

number three: woman soaks in walk-in bathtub
Ella’s Walk-in Bathtubs have Innovative Safety Features

Anti-Scald Technology

One potential problem of some walk-in tubs can be that the heated water is turned on only after you are inside, so making sure that the water doesn’t get dangerously hot is very important, Ella’s Bubbles walk-in tubs offers the special anti-scald technology to safeguard us.

Number four: a couple sits in a walk-in bathtub
Ella’s Walk-in Bathtubs have Innovative Safety Features

Anti-Leak Safety Door Latch System

Another possible risk in some walk-in tubs can be water leaks. To protect you and your home, Ella’s has a three separate door latch seals. All of that is to make sure that the water is safely in the tub and will not leak.

Number five: shows inside of a walk-in bathtub
Ella’s Walk-in Bathtubs have Innovative Safety Features

Patented Exterior Mounted 360 Swivel Tray

At first glance this beautiful tray might not seem like a safety feature, and it is also convenient for keeping your important things safe and dry. For instance, for holding drinks, cell phones or books. But especially for those with mobility issues having a nearby place to keep their towel really can be a safety feature as well.

Incredible Convenience Features

Number six: woman uses touch technology to turn on heated seats
Ella’s Walk-in Bathtubs have Incredible Convenience Features

Heated Seats and Back Rest

Ella’s Bubbles has eliminated several of the common complaints about walk-in bathtubs with their heated seat and heated lower back option. Since with all walk-in tubs you are inside as you fill and drain the tub, they can be cold when it’s draining, so the heaters will keep you nice and warm as you are filling and draining the tub.

In addition, they offer an inline heater to keep you warm and comfortable longer as the water starts to cool.

number seven: grab bars help with mobility issues
Ella’s Walk-in Bathtubs have Incredible Convenience Features

 Quick Drain Technology

Since you are safely sealed inside the tub, the water must drain before you can get out. Long drain times are a common complaint with walk-in bathtubs, but we’ve got a solution! Ella’s tubs offer the most efficient dual drain system in the industry. On many tubs they use one 1 ½ inch drain, but Ella’s tubs have two 2-inch drains. 

number eight: woman walks out of walk-in bathtub
Ella’s Walk-in Bathtubs have Incredible Convenience Features

Easy to Maintain and Clean

Ella’s Bubbles tubs are easy to maintain and clean, and they even have an Ozone system built in for maximum sanitation. Also the seal is easily removable for cleaning.

number nine: walk in bathtub filled with foot soak
Ella’s Walk-in Bathtubs have Incredible Convenience Features

Quick Installation

Possibly the MOST convenient feature about Ella’s Bubbles Walk-In Tubs is that most installations can be completed in just one day!

Luxury and Therapeutic Reasons to Buy an Ella’s Walk-in Bathtub

Ella’s Bubbles walk-In bathtubs are perfect for relaxing.

number ten shows jets in walk-in bathtub
Walk-in Bathtubs are Luxurious and Therapeutic

Foot Soak Only Option

Foot massages are always wonderful, in your new tub you will love how the jets are specially designed to melt away the tension we all carry. Ella’s tubs also have a special feature to be able to do an independent “Foot Only” Massage/ Bath option without having to fill up the whole tub.

Walk-in Bathtubs are Luxurious and Therapeutic


 This popular light therapy option adds LED lighting that cycles a spectrum of colors. This adds a new dimension to your bath and reduces stress.

Walk-in Bathtubs are Luxurious and Therapeutic


Also known as water therapy, hydrotherapy has many health benefits. Several features are available, including air massage, hydro-massage and Infusion micro therapy bubble massage.

Walk-in Bathtubs are Luxurious and Therapeutic

Full Body Immersion

A walk-tub is comfortable and deep. Ella’s walk-in bathtubs finally give you the ability to warm up all your joints with much deeper water that any normal tub.

Compared to the normal 14 inches, walk-in tubs offer almost 4 feet for total torso immersion, it’s like a mini hot tub! (But they are even safer.) And you can enjoy the experience inside in the privacy of your home. 

number fourteen shows bubble jets
Walk-in Bathtubs are Luxurious and Therapeutic

Dual Tub Options

For the ultimate experience for couples, look for a dual walk-in bathtub experience. You have plenty of room to spread out and enjoy a wonderful spa like experience together.

number fifteen handheld shower and swivel tray shown
Walk-in Bathtubs are Luxurious and Therapeutic


An aromatherapy option is available, you can add essential oils to enhance your spa like experience.  

number sixteen shows a door for the top of your walk-in bathtub
Great Pricing and Value from Ella’s Bubbles and Surface Bella

Great Pricing & Value

Surface Bella installs are now including a 4-foot screen at no additional charge – a $1,200 value! You’ll enjoy incredible value for about half the price of the national brands.

Ella’s Walk-in Bathtubs Installed by Surface Bella